Blog 5: 2nd August 2020

Reflecting on Summer 2020, I can’t believe it’s nearly over. I don’t know what to expect with college!



Blog 4: 5th July 2020

Another long week of work but after work I went to see my uncle to watch Man United play this week. I was also editing too. I had a huge lie in during the week from the long week at work

Blog 3 : 21st June 2020

This week I celebrated my 19th birthday.

I had a small party with my family and cousins to celebrate which then turned into a water balloon fight.

It was also a busy week for me as I started my new job in a meat factory in Waterford.

It is grand so far as I get to work with my uncle but not a fan of getting up at 5am every morning.

This means I ain’t spending much time editing or walking with the dog lately.

Blog 2 : 7th June 2020

I went out for a walk with my dog during the week.

Went to see my friend Alison for the first time in 3 months in Fenagh.

I was minding my cousins for a night and had to mind them the following morning as well.

I’ve been making Youtube videos to pass the time at home.

I made a Eurovision final for my friends contest to choose a song to represent Ireland.

Even Katy Perry is in it (she has great grandparents who are from Galway I think) this took me for ages to make but it was well worth it.

First time I made a scoreboard too:

And here is my personal top 41 from Eurovision 2020 this year


Blog 1 : Sunday 31st May 2020

This week I got to see some of my cousins for the first time since lockdown which don’t live far from me.

I’ve been editing and making videos for myself lately to pass the time.

I’ve been going on walks with my dog in the fields on our land. I’ve visited my granny up the road from me, talking to her through a window.

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