As a follow-up to the wildly popular miniature NES, Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch a miniature Super Nintendo (SNES) before the end of the year.

A report citing “sources close to the company” says the micro-console is scheduled to launch in time for Christmas, and that Nintendo is sticking with the easy plug-and-play format of the micro NES.

A re-launched SNES with built-in games would fly off the shelves as a Christmas gift, offering gamers young and old access to a range of classics including Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Street Fighter II Turbo.

The mini NES (or NES Classic Edition, as Nintendo called it) was a surprise hit for the company, and many fans were disappointed when it was discontinued earlier this month.

According to a source, this decision was taken at least partly to make way for production on the mini SNES.

Nintendo apparently never thought the NES Classic Edition would be anything more than a Christmas novelty and were taken aback by its popularity

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