Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard dropout and CEO of a company worth nearly $400 billion, will be getting a college degree more than a decade after leaving his classes behind.

The Facebook co-founder and chief executive left Harvard’s undergraduate computer science program in the autumn of 2005 to devote himself full-time to building the young social network, which even then was seeing meteoric growth.

Now, 12 years later, Zuckerberg will be giving the commencement address to Harvard’s class of 2017 and nabbing an honorary degree in the process.

Bill Gates, a fellow Harvard dropout, also left school after just two years to co-found Microsoft with Paul Allen.

Because of their shared history, Zuckerberg even made a slightly cringe-worthy video with Gates in which the younger entrepreneur asks the older, wiser Microsoft alum for tips on writing his commencement speech which can be viewed on the Zuck’s facebook page!

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