The GAA’s Director of Communications says there is nothing that can be done about Dublin playing two of their Super 8 games at Croke Park.

Donegal are disgruntled that the reigning All-Ireland champions are allowed to play twice within their county, while every other team must travel for two of their games.

As part of the new Super 8 format, each team in the quarter-finals is to play a home and away game while also playing one at a neutral venue, under rules agreed at Congress last year.

Dublin are set to play Donegal at Croke Park in their opening game, before playing an away fixture and another at GAA HQ.

Donegal want to meet with GAA officials to express their concerns and also ensure that no team has any advantage over any other team.

But the GAA’s Alan Milton feels all counties were aware of the Super 8s format well in advance.

“This all went before Congress, where every county has representation and it was common knowledge from the get-go when the new quarter-final formats were discussed and laid out that this anomaly existed.

“It existed then, it exists now.

“The fact of the matter is that all the games taking place in Croke Park in the first round is not Dublin’s fault. It just so happens that Dublin is in the capital, the Dublin GAA team is based here. There’s nothing that can be done about that.”

Earlier today, former Donegal manager

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Jim McGuinness hit out at Dublin having two games at Croke Park saying it gives the reigning champions an unfair advantage.

He said it is “almost inevitable that Dublin will progress from this group if they are given two home games in Croke Park.”

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