Clare manager Colm Collins believes that a second referee will be required to manage the GAA’s trial of experimental rules in Gaelic football.

The five proposed rules are the introduction of a sin bin, a limit of three consecutive hand-passes, forward-only sideline kicks, the extension of the mark to inside the 20-metre line, and a new kick-out protocol.

Although he’d have come up with different proposals, Collins welcomes the initiative to improve the game. The main problem he sees with the changes, however, is for referees.

“The main difficulty is the refereeing, because referees at the moment have enough to do. These are things that would probably demand a second referee. That’s something they might look at,” he told Morning Ireland.

“From my own point of view, it probably wouldn’t have been what I would have come up with.

“You have got to think about what can be enforced in the existing system without a second referee. One thing that could be quite easily enforced would be if you take the ball over the halfway line, you can’t go back with it.

“Also, a rule whereby you can only have so many people in your own defensive area. Those are two I would like myself.”

He approves of the forward-only sideline kicks and the sin bin, and is happy to trial the handpass limit to improve kicking.

“The one thing in relation to the mark is that I think it should be a high catch over the head as opposed to a catch in the chest or stomach.

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