Trish Archer

Trish Archer

Trish presents Beat Breakfast with Niall & Vinny each weekday morning from 6.50am. You can also catch her on Beat Anthems on Saturday from 6pm, and the More Music Sunday from 3.50pm.

1. Where are you from?
I was born in Jamaica but grew up in Waterford so I have the best of both worlds in me!

2. What do you do at Beat? Your typical day…
In the office, a typical day would be getting in at 6.45am and prepping my stories for Beat Breakfast. It’s all about the latest showbiz goss and topical conversation with the boys on my part. After Breakfast is finish then it’s time for my feature hat to go on. I’m responsible for the main daily features on air and the lighter news features across the day and night so I have to always be in the know, so lots of research. I also present ‘Beat Anthems on a Saturday night and ‘Your More Music Sunday’ on Sunday evenings.

3. What does your perfect day look like?
My perfect day would be one where I wake up from an intense sleep to find me being greeted by breakfast in bed and a memo I’m having afternoon tea with ‘The Greats’ in Waterford Castle. Hair and makeup would be on hand to get me ready. Oprah, Mya Angelou, Misty Copeland and Beyoncé would be at tea and we would discuss love, life and the world. After that we would take the private jet to go watch ‘Anything Goes’ on Broadway and then we would finish up the night with dinner under the stars by candlelight with Tyson Beckford!

4. How would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as a bubbly, optimist who is level-headed, strong willed and the agony aunt of the group.

5. Recommend one place in the South East that, to you, is a ‘must-see’.
A place that I think is a must see in the South East is Mahon Falls in the beautiful Comeragh Mountains.

6. Where is the most memorable place you have travelled to in the world and why?
The most memorable place I’ve been was in Poland in 2004 – Auschwitz-Birkenau. I’ve never been so humbled by anything in my life. It made me view the world in a different way after being there. I realised the power that one person can have on the world.

7. Tell us one thing that might surprise us about you.
You might be surprised to learn I can’t swim!

8. If you were a superhero, what special powers would you have?
If I was a superhero I would love the ability to shapeshift. Who wouldn’t want to be able to turn into absolutely anything and anyone?!

9. Who is your favourite music artist (band or solo) and why?
It’s impossible to name my favourite artist of all time because there really isn’t just one but I have loved and will forever love the late great Whitney Houston.

10. Name that one track everyone should listen to……
The one track I think everyone should listen to is ‘Untold Stories’ by Buju Banton. If there was ever a reggae song that made me think, it has been that one and the passion in his voice is undeniable. Whenever I feel like life is getting hard or I lose focus I play that song and it snaps me back to reality and I realise why I can’t take life for granted and why I have to always be thankful for everything I have. In fact everyone should listen to that whole album ‘Til Shiloh’ and listen with an open mind.