Dave Cronin

Dave Cronin

Dave Cronin presents Beat’s Big Lunch each weekday from 12.50pm, followed by Beat at Work until 3.50pm. Dave also brings you two hours of upfront dance tunes each Saturday Night from 8pm on Beat Anthems.

1. Where are you from?
A lovely little place in County Cork called Macroom. You may know it from going on your holidays to Kerry as a kid. You may also know it because you got caught up in traffic doing so. It’s your average medium sized Irish town, we boast half a castle ruin and we like to think we’re in ‘West Cork’ because that’s cool these days.

2. What do you do at Beat? Your typical day…
Well, I wake up at 8am I look outside, think about having a showe-. No, really, it varies. Generally I greet the receptionist bleary-eyed, check my emails and get a handle on what needs to be done. I could be meeting with someone from our promotions team, giving a talk to some visiting students or doing voiceovers for the station or the telly. I look after compliance for the company too so that takes up a lot of my time. Then it’s on to my lunch-time show, do the prep and hope that I don’t sound too rubbish when the mic goes live! I work your general 9-5 but it’s certainly not boring. I present Beats Big Lunch daily and Beat Anthems on Saturday evenings.

3. What does your perfect day look like?
I wake up (without the help of my phone) to the smell of fresh coffee and the view of a rugged but sunny coastline through the windows of a tastefully renovated cottage. The toughest decision of the day being what part of the bay I should kayak. Yes, I love the sea. When that gets all a bit too grown up and boring, jet me off to the Boiler Room in Berlin where I DJ till 8am with Todd Terje. ‘Inspector-Norse’ ringing in my ears I cool off in a hot spring somewhere in Iceland.

4. How would your friends describe you?
I hate this question, I’m just not very good at these “describe yourself in one sentence” stuff no matter how many interviews I do. BUT I would like to think that my friends would describe me as somewhat caring, ambitious, likable and almost always really stubborn.

5. Recommend one place in the South East that, to you, is a ‘must-see’.
I moved to the South East a little over three years ago, so as such you could say I’m still a bit of tourist in the five beautiful counties. I love Wexford, particularly around Hook Head and Dunbrody. My other half and I have a bit of an affinity with the place. I don’t know, I think there’s something really appealing about the remote-rugged landscape coupled with lovely pubs and grubs.

6. Where is the most memorable place you have travelled to in the world and why?
I love Switzerland. Very clean, very expensive and very, very beautiful. It’s exactly how you imagined it, complete with chalets, chocolate, tax-haven financial institutions and the Alps! I think I was around 17 when I visited with a group, there was lots of outdoors-ey stuff going on and I kind of went there to conquer my fear of heights. I realised it was all in vain when I got stuck abseiling down Europe’s biggest gorge and had to be rescued red-faced by the Aussie instructor. I still hate heights.

7. Tell us one thing that might surprise us about you.
I’m as weird as I am on your radio, I like to think outside the box a little. I featured on The Apprentice, I can twist my hand around almost three-sixty and I have a student flying licence. You only asked for one thing though, didn’t you?

8. If you were a superhero, what special powers would you have?
I’d be some sort of an invisible man-thing. Purely because I’m nosey and it’d be pretty cool to walk around un-detected. I’m not sure how much of a help I would be to anybody, though. Maybe I’d help the Gardai out in fighting some organised crime.

9. Who is your favourite music artist (band or solo) and why?
Magnetic Man. A dubstep trio music project from London made up of Skream, Benga and Artwork. I’m pretty sure they’re responsible for sparking my love of dance music in my teens. Skream in particlar, he’s also responsible for making tracks which I listened to at some pivotal moments of my life which in turn provides ALL THE FEELS.

10. Name that one track everyone should listen to…
Todd Terje – ‘Inspector Norse’. Anybody who frequented ‘The Pav’ in Cork will know why. It holds a huge space in my heart and I tend to whip it out when I’m feeling nostalgic and/or heading out.