Conor Halpin

Conor presents the Sunday Spin with Emma every Sunday evening from 6pm. He can also be heard presenting the Top 7 at 7 and Takeover on occasion!

1. Where are you from?
Waterford City – hoping, in years to come, to be recognised in the cannon of other famous blaa-heads such as John Mullane, Keith Barry and…eh…Gilbert O’Sullivan??

2. What do you do at Beat? Your typical day…
I work both on and off air – I present a show on Sunday evenings with Emma Nolan (Yer wan off The Takeover!!) called The Sunday Spin, it’s good you should listen, between 6-8pm! I also like to throw my hand at some promotions work – having started out with the Audi A1 Beat Fleet. It’s always a lively experience and gets me up and down the South East which is a great opportunity to meet with the listeners of Beat! I get the odd stare of recognition now from my stints covering The Takeover and beaming out wacky snapchats!

3. What does your perfect day look like?
It’s a balmy summer’s evening, there’s a cool, refreshing breeze moves through the air. I walk out onto my veranda over-looking a tropical sunset, a lady in white canvas and a sunhat walks towards me. Smiles, as she moves closer and we embrace and relish the view together. Oh wait, did you mean perfect day at Beat?? Well then I guess having some kick-ass content to discuss on the show. Sunday is always a busy day for sport so it’s great having a bit of craic with people who are travelling to and from a match. And just personally, to be well rested and relaxed before going on-air.

4. How would your friends describe you?
They would describe me at their peril, knowing me to hate labels. But I suppose they would concede that I’m a bit out-there, a maverick of sorts, but overall a good, honest and loyal companion.

5. Recommend one place in the South East that, to you, is a ‘must-see’.
I’m partial to the beautiful coastline around the South East, we’re actually spoiled for choice! Dunmore East has some lovely little hidden coves and nooks that are simply glorious to walk. Portally Cove, which I’m sure people in the know won’t thank me for mentioning – as with those who visit this secluded little strand, we like to feel it’s ‘our own little secret’ but a great place to go for a walk along the cliff-side, or, if you’re immune to the icy temperatures, go for a swim.

6. Where is the most memorable place you have travelled to in the world and why?
One of the greatest experiences of my life has to be visiting Hawaii and before you roll your eyes I’ll point out that it was a prize my father had won on the Gerry Ryan show, having written a rap about the humble peat briquette. For me this was the trip of a lifetime as all five of us in my family were there and with my brother and sister both being older than me it was the last proper family holiday. Outside of that, the islands of Hawaii themselves are absolutely breath taking, a genuine paradise on earth.

7. Tell us one thing that might surprise us about you.
I’m always surprising myself so it’s hard to say – I suppose you might be surprised to know that I play ukulele and guitar, I can’t really swim, I speak Irish to a good enough level, speak French terribly, I’m a good cook – though I have a foul temper in the kitchen and while I may seem very confident I do have to work to get to that level, basically I’m a human male of the 21st Century, which in itself is not surprising but is healthy to be reminded of.

8. If you were a superhero, what special powers would you have?
Ok, this might seem like I’m cheating a little bit, but I would love the ability to mimic the powers of others – I’m always doing impressions of people and I think were I to have a super power this would be it. Maybe there could be a time restriction – like having someone’s powers for 24 hours so I don’t go completely mad and wreak havoc on this one world we share!

9. Who is your favourite music artist (band or solo) and why?
Depending on the era, I have always been a bit of a pop fanatic. Going back to when I was younger it was Robbie Williams, or SClub7 (yes, I say both unashamedly!) as I’ve gotten older I’m less inclined to follow just the one artist and instead look at different songs and genres of music. There are some very exciting things happening in Irish music right now, especially dance music and I would highly value the part Mano Le Tough (Neil Mannion) has played in drawing attention and international recognition for Irish Dance acts.

10. Name that one track everyone should listen to……
Mano Le Tough – Primitive People (Tale of us remix) …..Ok, so it’s not going to be to everyone’s taste but if you ever feel like you need a bit of a lift in your day or if you’re working out in the gym, play it at full volume and be immediately transported into a nightclub setting where the thud of the beatis driving your carnal lifeforce.