WIT has celebrated World Hijab day, becoming the only college in Ireland to do so this year.

The event was part a 140-nation-strong event to show solidarity with Muslim women.

As part of the event, people could come in, try on a Hijbab, and learn more about Muslim culture.

Lecturer in religious studies at WIT and Irish Ambassador for World Hijab Day – Colette Colfer – says there’s an increasing tide of Islamophobia in the western world.


Beat Boss Gabrielle Cummins. Photo credit; PJ Brown Photography

“You only have to look at what’s happening in America with the ban against Muslim majority countries to see that.

“In western societies, it’s often easier for Muslim women not to wear the hijab”, commented Colette.


“When they wear it, they can be victims of discrimination, verbal abuse –  physical abuse even.”

Photo Credit; PJ Brown Photography

Students in attendance applauded the event organizers, before noting that the event was a much needed sign of solidarity for Muslim women across the globe.

The WIT lecturer is hoping today’s event can help prevent prejudice against Muslim women – and so far the signs have been overwhelmingly positive.

Photo Credit; PJ Brown Photography

“The reaction has been extraordinary, there’s been massive interest”, concluded the ambassador. “I’ve never organised an event with so much interest before.”

Photo credit: PjBrownephotography

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