A tenant sharing a six-bed house with 17 other people has said they cannot afford to rent a bedroom to themselves in Dublin.

They are being charged €400 a month to stay at the house in Clontarf, but have never met their landlord.

33-year-old Brazilian student, Cassiano, said it is impossible to find an affordable room to rent in Dublin

Four fridges are provided in the kitchen but the housemates share one washing machine and one dryer.

He said with four people in his bedroom, it is often hard to sleep: “We don’t have good ventilation in this room, so the guys try to open all the windows at night because it’s too warm.”

He said after moving to Dublin, sharing a room quickly became a reality.

“When you arrive here and you realise that it’s €1,000 or €900 per month to have your own single room, it’s impossible to find something that’s better than this,” he said.

Cassiano said the housemates pay €400 cash each month to a house manager.

He said: “We don’t know the landlord, we have a house manager who works or manages the properties of these other people.”

He added that he feels very insecure with his living arrangements, saying: “The guy comes here and says ‘if you are not happy with this, take your stuff. We don’t need tenants like you. Just go out and find another house’.”

CEO of Threshold John Mark McCafferty said, while this case is extreme, it is not unique

He said affordable rent is needed quickly.

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