Figures obtained from Waterford City & County Council have revealed that O’Connell Street is Waterford City’s ticketing black spot.

792 parking tickets were issued along the street between January 1st 2016 and January 1st 2017.

In total, 11,083 parking tickets were issued across Waterford’s 167 metered streets throughout 2016.

Of these, 47% were paid at the time of requesting the Freedom of Information document, while a further 17% were quashed.

Following O’Connell Street, the top ten locations were as follows (with the number of fines issued also included):

1. O’Connell Street: 792
2. Jenkins Lane Car Park: 742
3. Canada Street: 588
4. Bolton Street Car Park: 468
5. The Quay (all zones): 464
6. Parnell Street (all zones): 368
7. Greyfriars (all zones): 317
8. Michael Street: 313
9. Stephens Street: 312
10. Catherine Street: 254

At other end of the spectrum, motorists appear to be on their best behaviour along Bridge Street, Morrisons Road, Little Michael Street and Lombard Street – where just a single parking fine was imposed on each of the respective streets throughout 2016.

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