Kevin Galvin

A Principal of a Waterford school says students shouldn’t mark themselves while in the exam.

Engineering and English Paper 2 are on the agenda, with the second exam not finishing until 20-past-5.

However, some students stay on longer to compare answers and notes following the exams.

Speaking to Beat, Principal of Yeats College in Waterford, John Heffernan, offered this advice.

“One of the great mistakes that people make, often, after in an exam is that they come out into the lobby or the hallway and they start discussing what answers they got.

“I have for years been saying to students, the minute the exam is over, go away, forget it – don’t look up the book, don’t check whether you’ve gotten it right or wrong, don’t even discuss it.

“It’s gone, it’s over.

“Some students as well, as they’re working through paper; they’re trying to figure out ‘how many marks am I going to get on this question?'”

“You’re asked to do the exam, someone else is paid to correct it.

“So just do the best you can and don’t be trying to check up ‘how many marks did I get’, it’s counterproductive.

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