You may remember the video of little Grace Lehane from County Cork who beckoned a herd of cows with a tune on her accordion last summer.

Well, turns out it’s not just the squeezebox the animals are drawn to, they’re also partial to a sing-song.

Wendy and Adam Gossett, who live in Kinsale, discovered this “phenomenon” in February while their family crossed a field in Cashel and decided to put it to the test again whilst Wendy’s family were visiting from America.

“My brother in law filmed our “new trick” when we took him for dinner in Kinsale,” Wendy said.

“It’s hilarious how they respond”

Adam decided to serenade the herd with The Fields of Athenry from a gate and it didn’t take long for them to respond.

Thanks, Wendy Gossett for sending the video our way

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