Closing stages have been reached in the trial of a man accused of raping a girl at a hotel in Dublin.

The 37-year-old accused has pleaded not guilty.

The court heard the girl was young when the accused became involved with her family when they went to live in Co. Louth.

She said she was around 12-years-old when she went with the accused to collect a car in Dublin during snowy weather in 2010.

She alleges they went to a hotel where he raped her.

She said she didn’t want to tell the truth because she knew everything she would have to go through.

She described the whole time as “just a blur of sadness” which she tried to forget.

The jury was played Garda interviews with her younger sister who described wanting to kill and stab the accused who “made us lie”.

The Judge is summing up the evidence to the jurors before they begin their deliberations.

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