Tipperary County Council’s Severe Weather Team met today to assess the position and to ensure that all necessary arrangements are put in place by Directorates in advance of this severe weather event as advised by Met Éireann.

Council Crews will be out salting routes throughout the week and members of the public are advised to be aware of severe weather alerts from Met Éireann for the coming week and take necessary precaution.

Further advise is available on the Council’s website or at www.winterready.ie. In particular, the Council would advise members of the public to be prepared by

· Having a small supply of non perishable, easy-to-prepare foods

· Keep extra supplies of essential medication in case it is difficult to get to the doctor/pharmacy

· Have an adequate supply of fuel for heating/cooking and if possible a suitable alternative should the main supply fail

· Have batteries for torches in the event of power cuts

· Have candles and matches. Candles should always be placed away from draughts in proper candleholders. Never leave a burning candle unattended

· Have a water container to ensure a supply of drinking water

· Know how to turn off your water supply

· Keep mobile phones charged up – have local emergency numbers in your phone

· Have a suitable snow shovel (but any shovel or spade will do)

· Check on elderly neighbours.

The Council will continue to provide updates via its website, Facebook/Twitter/Mapalerter feeds.

The position will continue to be monitored and the Severe Weather Team will convene again on Wednesday to assess the position at that time.

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