The Digital Youth Council of Ireland is looking to get more people involved in Coding.

Caitlin Donnelly, a 5th year student in Tipperary, is Chairperson of the Council

She tells Beat News that it’s the way to go for young people

“Yes definately, technology is the way our world is advancing and these sort of jobs are going to be looked for over the next few years.

It’s the way the world is changing and we need to move with the times.

The young people are the future so we need to get them involved and give them the opportunity to learn what they’ll be experiencing when they finish school and go into College and then into the working world”

Caitlin also wants to see Coding brought into the school curriculum.

“We have members who have worked with the department of education and have pushed for coding to be brought in.

There’s a new pilot coding course being brought in and we’ll be working with teachers and the leaders involved in that so that we can see, as experienced coders, could actually give as an insight.

Computer Science will hopefully be brought in as a Secondary School subject too. We’re delighted to see the Govt. changing and that our schools are changing their mindset”

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