The Irish Farmers Association want the law changed to allow them grow medicinal cannabis.

Recreational use of the drug is banned in the country, while special licences can be granted for its medicinal use.

The IFA say the tillage sector has declined by around 20 percent over the past couple of years and farmers want options to diversify.

Horticulture Executive with the union is Pat Farrell – he says with T-H-C being illegal in Ireland, the most valuable part of the plant is currently being destroyed here:

“The flowers have to be destroyed, and that’s where the valuable part of the plant is.”

“Under the legislation, if you produce any of the crop and it has any trace elements of THC, that’s not allowed at all.”

“Amending the legislation that you can have .2 or .3 of THC……and then it would go to controlled processors.”

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