A number of independent rural TDs are occupying a KBC Bank office in Dublin.

It follows an incident after an eviction at a house in Strokestown, Co Roscommon last week.

Eight security guards were injured and a number of vehicles were burnt out when a group stormed the house.

They say they are taking the action to highlight what they call the “distressing” lack of engagement by the bank with customers who are having trouble making repayments.

Among the protesters are TDs Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins and Carol Nolan.

They say they will not leave the premises on Lower Baggot Street until they get written assurances from the bank’s CEO that he will meet with them to discuss their concerns.

“We are demanding an urgent meeting with the managing director of KBC over the continued use of violent and threatening behaviour by those carrying out evictions on their behalf,” Mattie McGrath said.

“We stood here a number of months ago after a similar incident where violence was used against a family but unfortunately these actions have continued.

“KBC and other banks must be held accountable for the use of violent behaviour against homeowners and this behaviour must not be allowed continue.”

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