More than four in five people believe certain groups should be prioritised with any Covid-19 vaccine.

A survey for the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) shows 75 percent believe frontline healthcare workers should get it first.

The next group prioritised by the public for a vaccine were people with underlying health conditions, followed by the over-70s. Of the four groups presented in the survey, the lowest priority was given to the under-18s.

The groups who said they were most likely to get a Covid-19 vaccine when it is available are the over-55s, scoring 80%, and people who have either had Covid-19 or know someone who had the disease, registering 78%.

Almost three in four people are likely to get the vaccine if one is found. The survey found that 52% are very likely to get the vaccine while 21% are fairly likely. Almost one-fifth, or 17%, are unlikely to get the vaccine while 10% are unsure.

“There is a high probability that most people will choose to get a vaccine when one is available,” said Oliver O’Connor, Chief Executive of IPHA.

We can always do more to boost vaccination rates and we urge people to protect themselves against avoidable dieases.

“Our scientists are working hard to discover vaccines and treatments for Covid-19.”

Doctors and nurses emerged as the most trusted sources of information about a vaccine. Almost all respondents, or 94%, said they would trust them with the facts while 91% would trust healthcare experts. Pharmacists were next, at 88%.

The pharmacy was favoured by 91% of people as a convenient place to get a Covid-19 vaccine, followed by the doctor’s surgery, at 89%, and the nearest hospital at 59%.

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