Teenagers feel excluded from public places and just want somewhere to hang out, a survey has found.

South Dublin County Council polled approximately 500 young adults, with 90% saying they wanted space to sit and chat, rather than more sports facilities.

The council now plans to allocate €500,000 to set up teen spaces in Lucan, Clondalkin, Rathfarnham and Tallaght.

Independent Councillor Liona O’Toole from Lucan says building playgrounds is positive, but councils need to follow through as kids grow up.

“I would have been aware, going back many years ago, that at some stage we would have, let’s call it an explosion, of teenagers in the area,” she said.

“I have seen it from my time of being in the schools, in primary schools and on committees, that the population back then was so big of younger children that eventually we would have them turning into teenagers.”

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