A study has shown that 55% of workers believe that workplace friendships positively impacts productivity.

Of those, 74% said it improves their general mood, with 36% saying it influences how they speak about their employer externally.

31% said it improves their general opinion of their employer, while just 12% said it has an influence on how long they stay with the company.

In addition, 79% of workers said they would like to see their employers do more to proactively encourage workplace friendships and stronger connections between colleagues.

General Manager of Jobs.ie Christopher Paye said:

Most of us have experienced working in both happy and less-than-happy workplace environments.

“By extension, we recognise the value of friendship and camaraderie in a high-functioning and happy workplace.

“Strong workplace connections equal greater productivity, less tension, a more collaborative working culture, and greater staff retention. The latter has taken on renewed importance in recent years given the current competition for talent.

“Despite the multitude of very self-apparent benefits, our research suggests that many employers are failing to invest in proactively facilitating workplace socialising or to meet the expectations of their employees looking to develop closer bonds with colleagues.”

The research was carried out by Jobs.ie and surveyed 2,770 people in June 2019.

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