Two WIT students will be embarking on a 36 hour journey for charity this weekend…and they don’t know where they’re going.

Meadhbh Roche and Edel Maher are the first two students from the college to take part in ‘Jailbreak’, an national annual fundraiser for St Vincent De Paul and Amnesty International.

Representatives from colleges across Ireland will gather in Dublin tomorrow morning – there they will be given a clue which will lead them to Destination X which is located outside Ireland.

They must get there as quick as possible only by means of sponsorship, or blagging their way onto public transport without spending a sent.

Emer told Beat about one of the ways they’ll be raising money along the way.

“Because we’re going to a number of different countries, myself and Meadhbh came up with the idea that everyone loves the Irish.

So, we’re going to purchase leprechaun costumes and we’re going to have signs as well suggesting to people to get in a photo with a leprechaun.

We have some Irish dancing techniques as well – not that we’re very good at Irish dancing but were going to try – and then we have some typical Irish songs”

WIT SU President Maedhbh Roche is also taking part:

“It’s going to run over 36 hours over the weekend, every four hours you’re given a clue which will lead you to a certain destination and I suppose it depends how good you are at solving the clues!

We’re hopefully going to keep putting the clues up on twitter and people can tweet us back if they know the answer as well.

So it’ll be interesting enough now to see our competition as well.

We’re the only two doing it from W.I.T., it’s the first time the college is partaking in it.

We’re going to bring the flag along with us and hopefully we can bring back the trophy if there even is one now.”

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