FINDING LOVE could be as easy as letting go of the idea of instant chemistry and spark, says Jeanne Sullivan Bellici, a Soulmate Coach.

“When we are going by chemistry and impulse that primal physical connection can cloud our judgement and we can get hurt that way”.

Jeanne was talking to Orla Rapple on the Sunday Grill last weekend, about how she has made it her business to help people attract and create a soulmate, just like she did. She’s even written a book on the subject called Be the Soulmate You Want to Attract.

“It’s about seeing what’s happened in the past and how you have approached dating and learning from it. One of the mistakes that we make is to go by chemistry…. how do I feel when I look at this person’s picture… when really we should be looking for someone who meets our vision, our goals, our values and instead of feeling excited, we feel authentic and comfortable”.


Jeanne says it was the mistakes she made in the past with men that helped her to find true love. “A lot of times people punish themselves for the mistakes they made but really the mistakes are such a blessing… I really would not have understood what I really needed to be happy and that clarity led me to my husband”.

Jeanne realised that she was playing it safe with her online profile, “I was so afraid of scaring men off that I didn’t tell them that I wanted marriage… the moment that I got more specific about who I am, I flew my freak flag and I was very authentic and honest on my dating profile about what my deal breakers were… the very next morning not only did my now husband reach out to me but three other men who all had similar values, a completely different man came in”.

Now, Jeanne is helping other people fly their authentic flay online with her business, My Soulamte Coach and book, Be the Soulmate You Want to Attract.

For the full chat – you can click here to listen.

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