It’s been three weeks since I started the Couch to 10K training with the Solas Centre and if I’m honest it’s been a struggle. I was so motivated starting off and excited to get stuck into the training but unfortunately, a knee injury has hindered my progress.

I worked up to a run of around 3K in distance within the first week of training (don’t be fooled, it wasn’t easy), but my fitness level from going to the gym stood to me. After Electric Picnic weekend I could feel a slight tinge in my knee and it was aching a bit, but I didn’t know whether this was from running or just from too much dancing at the festival!

I tried to get out for a run before our next training session scheduled for September 4th but my knee felt uncomfortable and painful from the impact of the road, so I decided to give the training a miss that week and rest up.

Although I was taking a rest from running, I tried to get to the gym as much as I could to keep my fitness levels up. I avoided any impact movements or training in the gym to give my knee a proper chance to rest but all the rest in the world didn’t do it any good.

I went out for a run the day before one of our scheduled training sessions with our running coach Seamus Doyle, but the pain instantly came back once my foot hit the road. It was time to book a physio appointment!

Turns out I have a condition called Iliotibial Band Syndrome or IT band Syndrome for short (you can imagine the confusion on my face when the physio said that!) Long story short, my left-hand side is much weaker than my right-hand side so when I run, extra pressure is put on my left leg and knee to compensate for this weakness. Apparently, it’s a common enough injury, but it’s so frustrating for a person who is used to being active and can’t sit still for a second!

Anywho, the physio gave me exercises that should strengthen up my left leg, or my ‘IT band’ if you want to be scientific about it! I’m trying to be disciplined by doing them as often as I can and I’m determined to be back training sooner rather than later.

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