A photo of children sleeping in the waiting room of Tallaght Garda Station in Dublin last night is going viral.

The five kids are lying across metal chairs without blankets after being advised to seek shelter there.

Anthony Flynn from Inner City Helping Homeless says eight other families were also urged to do the same.

Mr Flynn said: “Well the mother of the family last night posted the picture herself from Tallaght Garda Station of herself and her family of seven that were actually referred to Tallaght Garda Station last night.

“Alongside that, there were eight other families that were referred to Garda Stations because of a lack of accommodation.”

Mr Flynn posted the photo on Facebook, saying: “This is what this country has succumbed to, this is how homeless services are treating our children.

“I’m in utter shock, seven children sleep in one city Garda Station and 8 families referred to stations as nowhere to send them.”

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