It’s been a long wait….

But we’ve finally reached the eagerly anticipated phase 3 of Ireland’s road map out of Covid-19 lockdown.

Phase three ushers in the most comprehensive list of activities we’re now allowed engage in since lockdown began on March 12th.

It’s been 15 weeks since we’ve had a proper night out but from today pubs that serve food, restaurants and hotels all welcome back their guests…. albeit with strict hygiene and social distancing rules in place.

Capacity on public transport will be increased to 50% though People are reminded that face coverings are mandatory.

Masks are recommended in retail outlets, and anywhere it is difficult to maintain social distancing.

You’ll also be able to go to the hairdressers and take driving lessons again.

Places of worship Hostels, caravan parks, galleries and museums can all welcome visitors too, as can cinemas theatres and music venues,

Up to 50 people will be permitted to gather indoors and up to 200 outdoors while all restrictions for travelling within Ireland will be lifted

Crèches, and preschools will open for children of all workers who need childcare to get back to work.

And last but not least

All sporting activity including gyms and wellbeing centres can also kick off today; with individual sporting organisations deciding how best to proceed.

July 9 will be the next milestone in the road map with government preparing to publish the “green” list of countries we are allowed to visit.

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