Rumour has it, the Spice Girls are getting back together next year and Paula couldn’t be happier!!

She asked the South East what they would bring back from their childhood if they had the chance…?


Tom said bring back 99 ice creams when they were actually 99c, couldn’t agree more Tom!


Katie has her fingers crossed that Westlife will make a comeback, never say never Katie!


Chris believes the TV show Drake & Josh surely deserves to be brought back. HUG ME BROOOTHER!!


All Sarah wants for Christmas this year is the old Nintendo to come back so that she can have one last go at playing Super Mario Brothers.


Luke reckons that the prices of sweets in shops these days are a disgrace… bring back penny jellies!! €1 for 100 jellies, YES PLEASE!



The Sunday Takeover returns with Paula this Sunday from 5.50pm.






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