Yesterday, at roughly 5:50 pm, flames engulfed one of Europe’s most iconic monuments, Notre Dame Cathedral.

The fire caused the building to lose its towering spire and most of its roof, wiping out centuries of priceless heritage central to French culture and history.

As firefighters attempted to control the fire through the evening, groups of Parisians came together to pay tribute to their beloved building in song.

Twitter user Ignacio Gil captured footage of the group singing ‘Hail Mary’ as the cathedral glowed a fiery red in the foreground.

The video of bystanders singing has already been watched over 10 millions times on the social media platform, with many users referring to the scene in Paris as “moving” and a powerful moment of bringing people together.

“I burst into tears. Loves from turkey,” one user commented.

Another added: Such a beautiful building. The singing is so touching though, it’s amazing how a heartbreaking event can bring people together

Police said no deaths have been reported, but authorities later confirmed that one fireman had been ‘seriously injured’ in the attempt to save Notre Dame.

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