By Kenneth Fox

More than half of people still believe being treated for a mental health difficulty is viewed as a weakness, according to a survey by St Patrick’s Mental Health.

Close to two thirds of Irish society also believe undergoing mental health treatment is a personal failure.

The survey coincides with the launch of St.Patrick’s No Stigma campaign today.

They report that people who are undergoing treatment will have a better outcome when they are not subjected to stigma and discrimination.

St Patrick’s chief executive Paul Gilligan says everyone should rethink how they view the issue:

“We cannot tolerate stigma anymore because if that prevents people from seeking the appropriate help then obviously that is going to impact on their ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.

“So it is really important that as we enter a new phase of society we are able to face up to challenge our own stigma and give people the opportunity to live a life without it. “

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