The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) wants passengers arriving in Ireland from non-green list countries to prove they have tested negative for Covid-19.

It believes they should be forced to take a test less than 72 hours before they arrive.

Countries where the virus is rapidly increasingly are defined as either red or orange depending on the severity.

Green meanwhile means countries where the virus is actively decreasing and where it is being suppressed.

The airport authority, which runs Dublin and Cork airports, will make the call at the Dáil’s coronavirus committee today.

The committee’s chairman, Michael McNamara, expects a number of other issues to be raised today.

“What can we do to open up tourism in a safe way or can tourism be opened in a safe manner? Also what supports are necessary until such time as the country is in the position to open up more.

“I would also expect maybe some questioning on the revelations over the weekend that the government is obtaining data regarding passengers and using that to deprive those of the pandemic payment.

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