In partnership with the government of Ireland’s No Excuses campaign, before Christmas Beat talked about creating a society that no longer excuses sexual harassment and sexual violence.

A three-part series on the Sunday Grill sees Orla Rapple chat with Anne Scully from the Waterford Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre on a manner of topics surrounding of sexual harassment and sexual violence, which affects the lives of people across the South East.

Episode one sees Orla chat with Anne Scully on the subject of measuring what is sexual abuse and violence.

Beat · Orla Rapple & Anne Scully: Measuring What Is Sexual Abuse & Violence


Episode two sees Orla chat once again with Anne Scully. This time, they focus on the effects of sexual violence & harassment on survivors.

Beat · Orla Rapple & Anne Scully: The Effects of Sexual Violence & Harassment on Survivors.

Episode three concludes the series as Orla and Anne Scully tackle sexual harassment & violence in the workplace. They also offer advice on helping a friend who has been through trauma associated with sexual violence and harassment.

Beat · Orla Rapple & Anne Scully: Tackling Sexual Harassment & Violence in the Workplace & Healing Trauma


Enough is enough – Let’s stop excusing sexual harassment and sexual violence.

As part of the Government of Ireland’s ‘No Excuses’ campaign

Learn more at or in an emergency call 999.

Brought to you in partnership with the Government of Ireland.