Mick Wallace has been reprimanded for using a swear word in the European Parliament.

The Irish MEP referred to the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as an “unelected gobshite” when speaking during a debate on Venezuela on Tuesday.

A number of European countries have recognised the opposition leader as Venezuela’s acting president over Nicolás Maduro.

During the debate, Mr Wallace asked:

“Do you not agree that the recognition of Guaidó is an absolute embarrassment to anyone who has to occupy this chamber?

“It is a disgrace on the part of the member states of Europe that so many of them have recognised an unelected gobshite.”

The Ireland South MEP was called to order for his use of the word by the meeting’s chair Rainer Wieland who cut his mic off while he was speaking.

“You did use the word gobshite, sir and I would reprimand over that”, he told Mr Wallace.

Concerns have long been raised about the human rights situation under Maduro’s government – with reports of various abuses, including torture, by the country’s security forces.

However, many commentators have also expressed unease about international efforts to support regime change in Venezuela, with many western countries recognising Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim leader.

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