A local election candidate in Kerry has revealed that he has been subjected to online homophobic abuse since declaring his intention to run.

Ben Slimm is running for the Labour Party in the Tralee Electoral Area in the local elections in May.

The former IT Tralee Students’ Union President does not feel young people are represented in politics at a local level and says the cost of running can be the largest barrier to people getting involved.

The first-time candidate told Radio Kerry some of the abuse he has been subjected to by anonymous online accounts.

“I’ve had quite a few incidences since my nomination was announced,” he said.

“Anonymous accounts will tweet you. I think you have to grow a thick skin. It can affect your day but that’s the decision I’ve made and it’s something I’m willing to take.

I’ve been called a liar. I have had some [abuse] on Twitter, in reference to my sexuality I suppose, the word faggot has been used.

“You just have to ignore it, it’s childish.”

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