Former President of the Gaelic Athletic Association, Nickey Brennan has called his battle with Covid-19 “the most scary experience of my life” as he continues his recovery.

Brennan, who won no less than five All-Ireland’s with the Cats between 1974 and 1985, was struck down with the illness around Easter, having got it from his wife.

“I went to get tested, in all places, Nowlan Park, I mean the irony of that! I went in there after the Easter Bank Holiday Monday, and got the results the following day

“It was the most scary experience of my life if I’m truthful about it. I didn’t have any breathing problems, I was told afterwards that I did a lot of swimming and that was a big help to me.”

However, the Conahy Shamrocks clubman was still hopeful that games could get back underway before the end of the year.

“Wearing the glass-half full syndrome, you’d be hopefuly that between a vaccine being found, and the country opening up, that life will get back to normal.

“I think there is an expectation that we have to get the country back going again.”

Brennan was also speaking about how the Association could be affected by sponsorship contracts, and the cost of the pandemic on the game, on this week’s SportsBeat Xtra, which you can hear in full by clicking below.

Beat · SportsBeat Xtra: Episode 3 – Nickey Brennan
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