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Christmas shoppers are being warned that the hiding place they choose for their festive gifts could potentially affect any insurance claim they need to make.

Some hiding places where gifts could be spotted from outside could also prove particularly tempting for burglars, Aviva said.

It warned that if people leave presents in their car to keep them out of sight at home, their motor insurance policy may have a different value limit for items taken from their vehicle, compared with that of their home contents cover.

Burglars may also find it easier to access garages, sheds or outbuildings – and some policies may also have a cover limit for theft from a garage or outbuilding.

Expensive gifts such as jewellery and watches may need to be listed separately on a policy.

Large cardboard boxes stacked outside the home to be taken away with the rubbish could also be a giveaway sign to burglars that a home contains expensive new technology.

A survey of 2,000 people by Aviva found that 6% of people favour the garage to hide Christmas gifts, while 3% prefer their conservatory.

One in 10 (10%) stash presents at a friend’s or relative’s house, while a fifth (19%) use a variety of hiding places.

Common hiding places also include cupboards, spare bedrooms and under beds, while one person said they hide gifts by taking them into work.

Susan Sansom, head of operations, Aviva UKGI claims, said: “As our research reveals, there are a number of common places where people hide gifts – which could prove tempting to burglars.

“The best precaution is to ensure your home is secure all year round, with locked doors and windows, and ideally a home security system, to help deter any potential break-ins.”

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