A group of international students who were racially abused in Dublin say they were called animals, and told to go back to Africa.

The incident took place on a bus in the capital and was recorded by a passenger before being posted online.

The group of students were verbally attacked by the woman on Sunday, when they were coming home from celebrating one of their birthdays.

Videos show the woman saying that she is a racist, and repeatedly shouting racist insults at the group.

Other passengers can be heard condemning the woman’s comments, with one girl saying: “Your’re disgusting” and “You’re a disgrace to the country”.

This comes after a number of reports of racist behaviour have been made in Dublin, including an incident in which a woman was push into the Grand Canal by a group of teenagers.

The Imigrant Council of Ireland tweeted about the video, calling it a “horrific incident of racism against a group of young women”.

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