A trainee solicitor has said she feels disgusted that female students are being objectified by their male counterparts.

The Law Society has launched an investigation after “highly offensive” messages were found to be circulating in a Whatsapp group among some first-year law trainees at Dublin’s Blackhall Place.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the rumours make her feel extremely uneasy and paranoid.

She said it is worrying that some male students could do such a nasty thing.

She said: “A lot of female trainees that I have spoken to and I have the same opinion and it is absolute disgust.

“This is a professional practice course, this isn’t college, we’re not in secondary school, we’re not 15, we are all in our mid to late 20s and we are there to learn how to become solicitors and in a few years we will become solicitors.

“So the fact that this kind of behaviour is going on is a little bit unbelievable but it is also disgusting and it’s childish, it’s just extremely childish.”

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