The release of the Covid-19 tracker app has been welcomed by the Data Protection Commission (DPC).

Over 1 million people have downloaded the app since it went live on Tuesday.

The app alerts people if they come into contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19.

Deputy Data Protection Commissioner, Graham Doyle, says they are satisfied there are no data issues over use of the app.

“Very happy with how the process has gone. This is bigger picture stuff, data protection is only one element of this.

“In terms of this app, it’s really good to see development such as a contact tracing app which is an example of where the government and the tech sector come together to leverage the technology and the data in the public interest.”

According to the DPC, people’s exact location is not being used on the app.

Mr Doyle says people do not need to worry about the government using their location.

“There is stuff there in relation to location data but it’s not tracking individual’s location.

“It is anonymised, it is done at a very high level. It is not saying where I live in my house, that information is not on the app. I don’t provide the information.”

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