The Citizens’ Assembly has recommended that the Referendum Commission should have to give its view on significant disputes that arise during a referendum campaign.

94% voted in favour of the recommendation, which specifically includes disputes on social media.

The Assembly has submitted its final report to the Oireachtas today on the manner in which referendums are held and fixed-term parliaments.

The report shows that a majority think that during a campaign the Referendum Commission should be obliged to give its view on significant factual or legal disputes, including those on social media,

In relation to funding, it agreed that the Oireachtas should implement spending limits for political parties, campaign groups and individuals, that anonymous donations to these groups should be prohibited and that the Government should provide money to both sides equally.

When it comes to voting, it felt that it is a good idea to have more than one referendum at a time, that it should be possible to have more than two options on a ballot paper and that the government should give effect to the outcome within five years.

The Assembly also considered how to increase voter turnout and agreed that there should be weekend, online and more postal voting.

It also suggested that you should be able to vote at any polling station and that the period you can live outside the state should be increased to five years

It also agreed that citizens should have the ability to suggest possible constitutional amendments.

In relation to fixed-term parliaments, the Assembly made a number of recommendations on how the Dáil should be dissolved.

You can read the full report here.

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