Geordie Shore Star Chloe Ferry has again been accused of using Photoshop on a social media post.

The 25 year old posted a photo of herself on her Instagram (@chloegshore1)last Sunday , wearing a brown jumpsuit which accentuated her waist and bum.  However fans soon commented on some inconsistencies in the background. Pointing towards the blurred  lines along her legs and “bowed” lines on the boxes  behind her one fan wrote “Shame it’s another photoshop.. Seeing as the white box is bowed”

Another follower commented : “Photoshopped to death 🙄” and one more raged: “There’s young girls out there that want a figure like this and it ain’t real??!!! Can’t you tell by the boxes?”

Chloe Ferry

The reality star has been accused already of excessively editing her images

Chloe was called out already for using photo editing software on selfies last year, with warped walls and staircases appearing in her photos.


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