A car crashed into the preschool room of a Waterford creche this morning.

The incident happened at First Steps Creche in the Ballybeg area.

There were no injuries to any children or staff.

Childcare Manager Carmel Staunton said she wanted to reassure parents that all the children are fine.

Carmel said as a car was entering the carpark, it lost control and crashed into the building, damaging the preschool room.

Carmel says “obviously our priority was the children and have to commend the services as they were out very quick; Gardaí, Ambulances, and Fire brigade.

All of the children were checked and staff and delighted to be able to say none of them were injured.

She went on to say, “what we will have to do is close that preschool room for the week, we got in the builder that would’ve have built the building and the engineer just to have a look at the building to see what needs to be done.

That will take a week or so for that building to be rectified.”


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