Today is the last day for college applicants to double-check the details on their CAO application.

The change of mind deadline is at 5.15pm this evening.

50% of students make changes in a normal year — and they are being urged to do it carefully.

The CAO’s Eileen Keleghan says a lot of people realise they need to change something.

Eileen Keleghan says: “My advice would be to applicants to log in today to check all of this personal information.

“Over 50% of applicants used the change of mind facility last year and it’s important for everybody to log in today and reassure themselves that they have all of their courses listed correctly.”

The coronavirus has severely impacted the higher education sector in Ireland.

Universities could be up to €400m worse off without foreign students this September.

The loss of international students to the sector as a result of travel restrictions and the necessity of online classes due to social distancing has been identified as one of the major causes for concern.

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