Every year thousands of students decend on the RDS for the Annual BT Young Scientist competition.

This year 56 schools from Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny will showcase their projects

550 projects in total will be displayed at the BT Young Scientist Competition in Dublin today

The winners go on to represent Ireland at European level.

St. Leo’s is the only school respresenting Carlow this year

Science teacher at the school, Anne Rennick, says they have a screening process in the school and student Katie O’Sullivan was selected.

“Well I think it was last year when she was in 1st year we entered the local science fest.

It came about from a debate with her mum that her mam didn’t want her using the microwave.

Katie just decided to prove a point.

Then it worked out that she’d do the project with Vitamin C to detect if the Microwave to see if would affect the Vitamin C content in an orange.

She did a huge amount of work on it and should be very proud of it.”

Katie’s project is called ‘Effect of microwaving and boiling on the Vitamin C content of fresh orange juice’.

She outline to Beat News how she went about her investigation:

“Well my project is basically to see whether the microwave or the hob destroys vitamin C.

I was having a debate at the dinner table and people say that radiation can cause the microwave cancer.

So I looked up about it and no one really knows on the internet.

I went to a lot of teachers throughout the school and I presented my project to a lot of classes.

This year the majority of competitors are young women who make up 61 per cent of participants.”

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