Nearly 3,000 students have signed a petition calling for this year’s Leaving Certificate to be replaced with estimated grading.

The exam regulator in the UK has decided to allow teachers to mark students, based on their judgment, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A group of around 60 students have produced a proposal, and say it is the fairest option.

Winner of the BT Young Scientist Exhibition, and 6th-year student at Skerries Community College in Dublin, Adam Kelly, says it has to be done differently this year:

“The other proposal is to postpone the Leaving Certificate”, he said.

“But that has another problem itself. It doesn’t account for missing project work, which would either unfairly give students an advantage or disadvantage… [also] classes that haven’t finished the courses wouldn’t be as ready as [those] who’ve already started revision at this point”.

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