They’re back with a bang with their new single ‘One Night’ and Picture This have unveiled the video for the song.

The video features frontman Ryan Hennessy carefully execute a beautifully choreographed dance routine, in silhouette, with a female lead. As the emotion unfolds, the video unveils the heartbreaking discovery of infidelity, underpinned by the eloquently crafted, catchy, yet thought provoking, anthem.

“‘One Night’ is not just a song about the complete and utter turmoil of being cheated on by the one you love, it is a defiant stance to that stage where the person who has done you wrong says they wish they hadn’t, and they wish that they had done things differently. This song is saying maybe if you didn’t go and cause all the hurt that you caused then you wouldn’t be in this desperate position. We hope ‘One Night’ helps people to not pick up the phone to the so-called lovers who have broken their hearts” say Picture This.

The group has also announced a stadium sized tour happening in Summer 2020 with stop offs in Cork, Dublin and Belfast. Tickets for the gigs go on sale on Thursday morning.

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