By Anna O’Donoghue

Niall Horan has taken a leaf from the book of Saoirse Ronan and took it upon himself to school American’s on Irish slang.

The video, filmed for US magazine Vanity Fair, shows the self-proclaimed ‘bogger’ explain the meaning of words such as ‘banjaxed’ and ‘hape’.

Although when the former One Direction star tries to explain that the word “flute” means “penis” in Ireland, the producer behind the camera was forced to step in.

“My Irish dictionary siad it meant ‘silly person’,” she said to which Niall replies: “Well you are firmly wrong, because it means penis”.

He then goes on to explain such words as “effin’ and blindin'” to “suckin’ desiel” to “oul wan”, most with a gas pub-related example.

F**king hell, we’re some country, arn’t we?

Horan finishes the video admitting how “ridiculous” the phrases sound to him now he’s tried to explain them.

He said: “That was interesting. I actually didn’t realise how ridiculous we were.

“But having read them and seeing them in bold capitals I now know that we are absolutely insane.

With that, he signs off the video with: “So this has been Irish slang on Vanity Fair with me, Niall O’Hodhrain.”

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