Three Ireland has released the new music video for rising pop star Jafaris as part of their #MadeByMusic campaign.

The campaign aims to celebrate the power of music to unite people and create lasting connections.

Three Ireland funded and collaborated with the chosen artists for their music videos during the campaign.

The first in the series is for Jafaris’ ‘If You Love Me’.

The video focuses on two people for whom a song serves as a reminder of their past together.

Three Ireland selected the chosen acts (Jafaris, Saint Sister, Kormac), as each of their songs has a connecting theme of wanting to bring people together.

Karl Donnelly, from Three Ireland, said: “In a time when Irish music is at its cultural and creative peak we are thrilled to collaborate with some of the country’s most innovative up and coming artists.”

The launch night was a success with Jafaris performing himself.

#MadeByMusic will unveil further videos for songs by Saint Sister and Kormac later this summer.

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