Powerhouse singer Dua Lipa was undoubtedly the most talked about artist of last year, as the biggest-selling female artist of 2018 and the only woman to be featured in the UK’s top 10 artist albums of the year.

And it doesn’t end there, today, the 23-year-old received the ‘as gaeilge’ treatment from TG Lurgan.

Her hit IDGAF, an abbreviation for “I don’t give a f**k”, topped the charts globally, even went on to receive 3 x platinum status in numerous countries worldwide.

Here’s how the family-friendly Irish college handled translation.

And yes, of course, the word ‘amadán’ was thrown in a few times.

Performed by: Rachel Nic Cormaic & Cúrsa B 2K18

For those of you not in the know, the Galway Irish college has been making serious waves online since 2014 with their inspired translations of modern pop hits into Irish.

In 2013, they received praise from late Swedish DJ, Avicii.

“This is cool. I don’t understand a word but I love it!,” he wrote on Facebook.

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