Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is Ovie and his new single ‘One More Time’.

A producer, video director, and writer that centres powerful and emotive song writing at the forefront of all of his music, ‘One More Time’ was written alongside Jay Pizzle, and captures the idea that while someone might seem to have it all, they are not necessarily happy.

Talking about the single, Ovie explains “The first two lines of the song are ‘I wish I knew then what I know now, I didn’t see clear but see now’. Lyrically I tried to be very honest. I think many people can relate to the feelings I’m describing in the song. I told the story of a guy who seemingly has everything but is unhappy because he lost what really mattered in the process of getting everything he thought mattered.”

The video for One More Time, featuring Irish influencer Julia Holbanol, was directed, produced, edited, colour graded and VFX entirely by Ovie.

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