Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is narolane and their single ‘Water’.

Formed in 2019 in Limerick, narolane is the home of its founders Denise Chaila, God Knows and MuRli – all three of whom are Choice Music Prize winning artists; Denise Chaila won the Irish album of the year award for her 2020 debut mixtape Go Bravely, while God Knows and MuRli were the first hip-hop artists ever to take home the award for their 2017 album, Let The Dead Bury The Dead, as two thirds of Rusangano Family.

Their commitment to excellence has caught the attention of the world’s most revered cultural commentators and music media, with The NME, NPR, France 24, The Irish Times, The BBC, The Guardian, RTÉ, The Fader, Vice and The New York Times all turning their attention to this revolutionary collective.

‘Water’ is a collaboration between narolane’s driving forces Denise Chaila, God Knows and MuRli – and is the first single to be released from this project. ‘Water’ rebukes oppression and refuses false narratives of inferiority. It is a joyous battle cry that fleshes out the truth of entitlement to dignity, to jubilation, to life.

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